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Golf Team's First Match With Faculty, Staff, and Alumni

(9/7/2009) The first match for this year was held on September 5, 2009 at Bardmoor Golf & Tennis Club. The match was faculty/staff/alumni vs. the golf team.

The faculty/staff/alumni were not able to stand the excellent shooting of the golf team. Although, alumni Ricky Boggess led all scorers with a 77. The golf team was very consistent with Micah Youmans leading the way with a 78, Lucas Morris 80, Gallary Listort 80, Ryan Jones 82 and Braden Dollar 85. The best four out of the five scores totaled 320.

The faculty/staff/alumni total score was much higher. Playing for the faculty/staff/alumni were Ricky Boggess, Ryan Dupee, Ray Head and Phil Burggraff.