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Lady Cougars: Excellence in Studies and Sports

The 2011-2012 Clearwater Christian College Lady Cougars volleyball team has received the Team Scholar Award from the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA). In order to qualify for this award, the team must maintain a cumulative minimum 3.4 grade point average on a 4.0 scale. Having won the Team Scholar Award for the past two years, the Lady Cougars are a force to be reckoned with, both on and off the court. Coach Vickie Denny encourages her players to achieve greatness in all scholastic and athletic pursuits. “We also strive for the American Volleyball Coaches Academic Award at the end of the year,” she said. “The team has won the AVCA award ten times and hopes to do it again this year.”

“We try to encourage each player to do her best and check up on the ones who may be struggling and give them extra encouragement to succeed in the classroom,” said Coach Denny. “I try to challenge each player to work a little bit harder so that the C gets to the B and the B gets to the A. As a full-time faculty member, I know the demands of the classroom, but I also know the great benefits of academics for my players. I am always striving to balance the athletics with the academics.”

The goal of the Lady Cougars Volleyball team is for each player to reach her potential in every area of life. “Ultimately all believers should be striving to do their best with the gifts and talents the Lord has given them,” said Coach Denny. “To work hard and strive for excellence is what the Lord deserves from all of us. At least for our volleyball team, this has been the winning combination.”

Academic Dean Dr. Mary Draper also appreciates the hard work and dedication to academic excellence. “Scholarship is important at Clearwater Christian College, and the volleyball team is one that works hard together to be the best in their sport while also working to be the best in their studies. To God be the glory!”

Congratulations, Lady Cougars!