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Atlanta Beats Clearwater in Second Regional Game

(4/30/2011) After a thrilling win the night before, the Cougars knew that Saturday's game would bring them up against the year's most dominant team, Atlanta Christian College. Atlanta brought a good performance, beating Clearwater 7-1. The storyline was almost identical to last year's regional tournament.

Clearwater came into the game having thrown two solid pitchers and lacking a third to get the job done, as all-star Brent Kirkley has been inactive to start since the Toccoa Falls series in March. Atlanta took advantage early, opening up a 4-1 lead in the 1st inning. Once again, Isaiah Marsh was called on for his third straight day of relief appearances. Marsh held Atlanta in check for most of the game, with the Cougars allowing only three more runs. Marsh was replaced by up-and-coming freshman pitcher Luke Brigham, who finished off the final innings in a strong stance that held Atlanta to 7 runs. The solid outing by Atlanta's Jacob Moore kept Clearwater from getting any run support for the Cougars as they dropped yet another disappointing regional championship to the Chargers, with a final score of 7-1.