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About Us

At Clearwater Christian College, we offer men's and women's sports that compete on regional and national levels. As a result, the athletic program is an integral part of campus student life. No matter the season, there is always a game to be found somewhere; whether on the field, court, ballpark, or even…the green.

Our teams practice hard and compete to win as members of the South Region of the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA), Division II. While we strive for excellence in all of our athletic programs, we do not believe that winning is our chief goal.

The underlying focus of our athletic program is not the competition itself. We offer a competitive schedule that is intended to bring out the best in every athlete; however, our main desire at Clearwater Christian College is to bring honor to Christ. At CCC, we see our athletic program as a perfect opportunity to glorify God while edifying others in a team atmosphere. Every year, we use our teams as a platform for Christian leadership, Godly testimony, peer discipleship, and effective ministry.

We strongly emphasize discipleship from both a coach-to-player and a player-to-player standpoint. Our coaches invest themselves in their players by not only helping them surpass their personal best in competition, but also in their individual academic fields, their relationships with their teammates, and their personal relationship with God.

Clearwater Cougars are challenged to mentor each other as teammates and be passionate leaders for Christ on our campus. Through utilizing the talents God has given them, the CCC Cougars have an awesome opportunity and responsibility to use sports as a tool to share the Gospel in overseas mission trips and local ministry.

Cougar Spotlight

Playing basketball at Clearwater has been an amazing opportunity, because I have made so many great memories and great friends by being on the team. God has blessed me by being a part of the women's basketball team, because I get to be involved with a great group of girls that strive to honor and glorify God above all else. Playing basketball is so much fun, but it is also a great way to grow closer to God. The team has devotions every day before practice, and we all get to share with each other what God is doing in our lives. Whether we win or lose, the praise goes to God, and ultimately that is all that matters.