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Alumni Challenge

What is the Alumni Challenge?

The Alumni Challenge is a systematic program encouraging graduates to give a minimum financial gift to the college's annual fund each year for a designated number of years. The objective is to initiate a regular habit of giving in our alumni while helping the institution minister to the students God directs our way.

The program asks participants to give at least $1 each month of their initial year of enrollment and increase that donation $1 each month for every subsequent year up to a total of ten years. The chart to the right gives the minimum monthly and annual amounts over the ten-year period for one individual.

When Can I Enroll?

The Alumni Challenge is set to run in conjunction with the College's fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). Each May, the institutionaladvancement and alumni offices will announce an official enrollment drive that will encourage upcoming graduates and other alumni to enlist. The drive will conclude in the summer; however, alumni will be allowed to enlist any time throughout the year.

Is there a different program for couples who both are CCC alumni?

We ask alumni couples to enroll as individual participants; so both graduates would need to enroll separately.

If I join, am I expected to send in as little as $1 per month?

The Alumni Challenge is set up as a monthly giving program to encourage regular giving. Some participants may choose to do this under the College's PAW Program (Planned Automatic Withdrawal). This systematic approach allows the alumni to give regularly and eliminates the need to remember on a monthly basis. Others may choose to give toward the minimum annual amount through the mail at one or more times during the year depending on their individual or family budgets. The program is designed in such a way that everyone can participate if they are so inclined.

What if I am already giving to the College?

Alumni who are already giving to the annual fund are encouraged to officially accept that challenge by completing an enrollment form effective the year they sign up. Some may choose to add to their gift in accordance to the program. Others may be able to continue their current annual contribution without changing since it meets or exceeds the established minimum gift. Having both current and new givers accept the challenge unifies our alumni family.

What happens at the end of ten years?

We hope that at the conclusion of the ten-year period associated with the challenge that each alumnus will continue giving faithfully to the College in a manner determined between themself and the Lord.

What incentives are planned to encourage participation?

We believe that most participants in this challenge will be motivated by their appreciation of what the Lord has done for them through the ministry of Clearwater Christian College. However, we think it is also appropriate for the College to express our thanks for each gift and to formulate ways that might encourage others to join us. Each gift is completely tax deductible and donors will receive a receipt for tax purposes. In addition, we plan to release an annual report on the challenge program that will include what has been accomplished through your efforts, an update of the program progress, and testimonials of alumni and students.

How Can I Accept the Alumni Challenge?

To accept the Alumni Challenge, one has to complete the enrollment form and return it to the alumni association. You may include your gift now or send it at a time best for you. Individuals who prefer to give through an automatic withdrawal program may do so using our PAW Program.

Alumni Challenge Giving Chart

Year Monthly/
Annual Gift
1 $1 / $12  
2 $2 / $24  
3 $3 / $36  
4 $4 / $48  
5 $5 / $60  
6 $6 / $72  
7 $7 / $84  
8 $8 / $96  
9 $9 / $108  
10 $10 / $120