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Missions Minor

The minor in missions is designed to aid students who are interested in using their God-given talents and abilities on the mission field-whether on a foreign field or at their home church and ministry. This program will focus on the fundamentals of mission work, the necessary components of a biblically successful ministry, and the basic attributes of missions. Students that desire a deeper understanding of the history of missions, cross-cultural issues, and personal evangelism would benefit from this minor.

Why choose Missions Minor at Clearwater Christian?

  1. When used in conjunction with other fields of study, the missions minor is designed to work alongside any course of study by interweaving principles of mission work into the practical education of medical, fine arts, education, psychology, business, humanities, and science majors.

  2. An in-depth study of New Testament models of missions and the history of early missions programs provide students with examples of God's purpose for taking the Gospel to the world.

  3. Emphasis is placed upon learning and experiencing the differences of foreign cultures while retaining a deep appreciation for their history.

  4. Missions minors are encouraged to take part in CCC's mission trips to foreign fields, thereby acclimating themselves to cultures, gaining hands-on experiences, and allowing God to burden their hearts for the world.

  5. This unique minor is a great asset to students desiring to become foreign missionaries, church planters, corporate missionaries, or simply seeking to develop their own personal evangelism methods.

Program Requirements

BIB 221 Acts 3 hours
BIB 307 Comparative Religions 3 hours
MIS 101 Personal Evangelism 3 hours
MIS 201 Introduction to Missions 3 hours
MIS 320 Cross Cultural Issues 3 hours
MIS 401 Missionary Field Experience 3 hours


Mr. Philip Burggraff

Mr. Robert Carver

Dr. Carl Martin