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ROTC Minor

STUDENTS MAY PURSUE ROTC WITHOUT SELECTING THE MINOR IN THE PROGRAM. However, CCC graduates who would like the appropriate ROTC minor to appear on their official transcript will have to officially select this option during academic advising and meet all the stated requirements.

ROTC is divided into four military divisions. While each division requires their students to take similar number of military coursework, the actual courses differ with the individual branches. For this reason, we suggest identifying the following three programs: Aerospace Studies (Air Force), Military Science (Army), and Naval Science and Leadership (Navy & Marines). View our ROTC page for additional information.

Minor in Aerospace Studies

Minor in Military Science

Minor in Naval Science and Leadership

All ROTC courses listed above are part of the requirements set by ROTC and are subject to change by them as needed. In addition, these classes are held at our host institution, the University of South Florida, and taught by qualified members of the military faculty there.

Additional Requirements

In addition to the courses listed above, students who choose one of these ROTC minors must satisfy the following requirements:
1. BIB 440 Christian Ethics - this course can also satisfy the Bible elective in the required Bible minor
2. Attend two non-credit CCC Military Science seminar sessions during each term enrolled in the minor. These will typically be scheduled during the normal chapel period.

Why choose the ROTC minor at Clearwater Christian College?

ROTC provides excellent leadership training in one of the most respected military organizations in the entire world. Choosing the ROTC minor allows students to officially note their academic pursuits in a formal fashion. Pursuing ROTC at Clearwater Christian College provides students with a Biblical context and environment for their leadership preparation and service to the Lord toward their military vocation.
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