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Journalism/Mass Communications

The minor in Journalism/Mass Communications is designed to assist students who wish to use their writing and other media skills in whatever area God would lead them. Not only is this program an overwhelming asset for students desiring a strong study of how media affects society, but also for those who want to strengthen their understanding of the basic structure of comprehensive thought through the written word. It will aid students through the analytical study of writing for newspapers, television, radio, and the internet. The program's goal is to teach how Christians can use media with the effective communication of a thought, idea, or story.

Why choose Journalism / Mass Communications Minor at Clearwater Christian?

  1. In today's society, good writing skills are essential to almost every vocation, whether in a specific position in the public relations or marketing department of a company, or simply the preparation of strategies, papers, or directed letters and brochures for a ministry. Through this minor, students will learn how to present the objectives and products of a company in a way that will greatly enhance their marketability.

  2. With a concentration in the basic elements of journalism and mass communication, students acquire skills necessary for further study or employment within the fields of advertising, journalism, and public relations. Training in principles of advertising will benefit students interested not only in journalistic endeavors, but also in a number of professions and ministries.

  3. Students who earn a minor in Journalism/Mass Communications will have a broad understanding of how and why media impacts our society in such a massive level. Through this understanding, combined with a basis in Scriptural application, students will develop sensitivity to media trends facing society as a whole and will be able to effectively reach an audience from a Biblical, Godly perspective, rather than a media-driven mindset.

  4. A minor in Journalism/Mass Communications is an excellent addition to any major course of study because of its primary focus on the written word-an essential part of every undergraduate and graduate programs.

  5. This program will help students understand the responsibilities of honest and timely communication in the midst of a fast-paced, global society. Through this minor, students will gain a fundamental understanding of media, the field of communications, and journalistic pursuits, their techniques and procedures, and ways to be a wise Christian within a non-Christian media.

Program Requirements

COM 215 Mass Communication 3 hours
COM 221 E-Paper Production 3 hours
COM 245 Photojournalism 3 hours
COM 315 Writing for Media 3 hours
COM 355 Radio Studio Production 3 hours

Choose one of the following three courses: (3 hours)
-ENG 201 Expository Writing  
-ENG 204 Creative Writing  
-ENG 321 Advanced Grammar  


Mrs. Catherine Anthony

Dr. Robert Cundiff

In addition to those shown above, Mr. Dennis Whitehead is also teaching classes included in the Journalism/Mass Communications minor.