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Chemistry Minor

The minor in chemistry is designed to prepare undergraduate students for graduate school and professional work. This program will open opportunities for mission work, plus ensure employability after graduation. A minor in chemistry will prepare the student for careers or ministries in medicine, environmental studies, science education, or forensic chemistry.

Why choose Chemistry Minor at Clearwater Christian?

  1. A student interested in learning about the basic elements of Creation and science from a Biblical perspective will benefit from the in-depth study of the principles of chemistry from qualified instructors in a structured environment.

  2. Students who desire to delve deeper into the aspects of chemistry and science with the intent of pursuing higher education within the realm of science will profit from the focused attention of the chemistry minor.

  3. Since chemistry is the basis for many fields of study, including engineering, science, and medicine, this specific minor enhances undergraduate degrees with a strong concentration in the basics of chemistry.

  4. If the student wishes to take part in ministerial, vocational, or educational pursuits involving medicine or science after receiving his or her undergraduate degree, the chemistry minor provides a solid foundation on which a successful career or ministry may be based.

Program Requirements

SCI 251 General Chemistry I with lab 4 hours
SCI 252 General Chemistry II with lab 4 hours
SCI 306 Organic Chemistry I with lab 4 hours
SCI 307 Organic Chemistry II with lab 4 hours
SCI 420 Biochemistry 3 hours


Dr. Jonathan Henry