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Bible Minor

Clearwater Christian College desires our students to possess a Biblical worldview which provides a framework of reality grounded in God's true view of things. Possessing such a worldview affords students the ability to make sense of life and the world around them from God's perspective. A reality grounded in God's true view of things will be tethered to a proper understanding of God and his work in this world. Equipped with a Christian Worldview, a student will be able to recognize and confront worldviews around them that are opposed to the Christian worldview. It will also provide a basis for correcting their own wrong thinking and provide a roadmap for making lifestyle decisions that reflect Christ's transforming work in their life.

One way the College addresses this is through this academic minor interwoven into every degree program offered by the institution. Courses identified below cover the issues associated with a Biblical worldview from theological, philosophical, and practical standpoints.

Course Requirements

  • BIB 107 Introduction to Christian Worldview (2)
An introduction to worldview, highlighting the nature, importance, and critique of worldviews. Special emphasis is placed on developing a Christian worldview as informed by a biblical and intellectual framework for the application of God's truth to all of life.
  • BIB 101 Old Testament Survey (3)
A brief summary and introduction to each book of the Old Testament, tracing the chronological development of the nation of Israel.
  • BIB 103 New Testament Survey (3)
A foundational survey of the world as it existed in the New Testament times. Primary focus is on the content of the New Testament with emphasis on the special characteristics and the key passages of each book.
  • BIB 203 Basics of Biblical Interpretation (2)
A survey of the basic rules and methods of biblical interpretation which enable a student of the Bible to lead out the truth that God intended. Attention will be given to the nature of the Bible and the historical schools of interpretation. Included will be both theory and practice.
  • BIB 303 Survey of Bible Doctrines (3)
A systematic study of the doctrines of the Christian faith, including Bibliology, Theology Proper, Anthropology, Hamartiology, Christology, Soteriology, Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, and Eschatology.
  • BIB 304 Personal Evangelism and Apologetics (2)
A focus on the material and means by which Christians can communicate the Gospel message and answer the most common arguments against Christianity. Topics will include Scriptural methods of witnessing and leading persons to a saving faith in Jesus Christ, some history of apologetics, methods of defending the Christian faith in the face of diverse cultures, opposing worldviews, and competing religious belief systems. A program of personal discipleship will be integrated into the course for students to gain practical experience.
  • BIB 440 Christian Ethics (3)
This course focuses on the foundation and principles of biblical ethics. It also includes a survey of alternative ethical theories, and the application of Christian ethics to contemporary issues.

A sophomore dual elementary education and music education major, Sarah keeps a busy schedule at CCC, but enjoys the depth of Biblical knowledge that she is learning. She truly believes that God led her to CCC and is excited to share about her experience. "When asked to explain my experience at CCC, the first thing that comes to mind is that it feels like home. I am surrounded by godly, caring people on a daily basis. This has brought a lot of healing into my life. God continues to bless me in unforeseen ways, including a variety of jobs, leadership opportunities, and being a double major. I am thankful that God led me here for such a time as this."