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Computer Information Systems

The minor in computer information systems is designed to enhance the study of twenty-first century technology and support a deeper understanding of the basics of the digital revolution. Not only for students interested in business and technology, this minor gives students a basic foundation of computer systems and functions.

Why choose Computer Information Systems Minor at Clearwater Christian?

  1. A diverse offering of nearly 30 different academic majors preparing graduates for hundreds of different vocational pursuits gives the graduate ample opportunity to integrate and apply their education to help maximize work efficiency and productivity.

  2. While other educational institutions present the study of computer information systems from a factual point-of-view, basic Biblical principles are taught to help the graduate be an efficient employee and handle the human side working alongside fellow professionals and serving their corporate constituency.

  3. This minor will increase the marketability of graduating students and will be an important component on their résumés. Computer proficiency is one of the most requested preferences by employers; a computer information systems minor will differentiate students from their contemporaries and will set them apart in the interview process.

Program Requirements

CIS 100 Introduction to Computers or
CIS 250 Adv Microcomputer Appls 3 hours
CIS 201 Application Programming I 3 hours
CIS 202 Application Programming II or
MAT 360 Discrete Mathematics 3 hours
CIS 320 Structured Programming in Object-Oriented Languages 3 hours
ISM 300 Database Design Concepts I 3 hours
ISM 450 Web Application Development 3 hours


Mr. Steve Casarow

Dr. Ray Head

In addition to those shown above, Mr. Robert Fraire is also teaching classes included in the Computer Information Systems minor.