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Biblical Languages Minor

The minor in biblical languages is designed to aid the student that is planning on attending seminary after his or her baccalaureate. With its focus on biblical languages, this distinctive minor will prepare the student for the intense language immersion of seminary studies.

Why choose Biblical Languages Minor at Clearwater Christian?

  1. Students who desire to learn biblical languages will benefit from the focused attention on Hebrew and Greek.

  2. Seminaries are oriented to the original languages in most of their programs; this minor will prepare the student for ministry or teaching after seminary.

  3. When combined with a Bible major, the minor in Biblical languages enhances study and causes the student to go deeper into the Word of God.

  4. By enabling the student to "dig deeper" into God's Word, he or she will become independent of secondary translation and explanatory sources.

Program Requirements

LAN 101 Elementary Greek I 3 hours
LAN 102 Elementary Greek II 3 hours
LAN 201 Intermediate Greek I 3 hours
LAN 202 Intermediate Greek II 3 hours

Any two of the following courses: (6 hours)
-LAN 103 Elementary Hebrews I  
-LAN 104 Elementary Hebrews II  
-LAN 301 Greek Text Studies I  
-LAN 302 Greek Text Studies II  


Mr. Anthony Abell

Mr. Philip Burggraff

Mr. Robert Carver