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If you are considering majoring in mathematics in college, you probably have talent and interest in the field - enjoying success in the math courses you have already taken, solving problems, and learning new concepts. You would find a perfect fit at CCC.

Most of our mathematics majors are just like you. They have used their interests and talents to complete their program of study and have continued on to work on graduate degrees or use their skills in industry. Our mathematics courses are specifically designed for small class sizes and function as a mentoring program for your future beyond CCC. We do this by designing our curriculum with a strong blend of applied and theoretical mathematical coursework. We believe as you develop your abilities and gain mathematical knowledge, you will see Godís creation in a more fundamental and intuitive way gaining a better appreciation of it.

Why choose Mathematics at Clearwater Christian?

  1. Balanced curriculum with a blend of applied and theoretical coursework

  2. Thorough preparation for work in the mathematical sciences area for further graduate school pursuits or to work in industry

  3. Faculty who will direct you to discover how applied mathematics is utilized in their chosen field of study

  4. Emphasis on connecting classroom instruction with modern technology

Admissions Requirements

While there are no additional admissions requirements, those enrolling in the mathematics major are expected to maintain a minimum of a C average in their major classes. Students entering the major should be prepared to start their mathematics curriculum at the pre-Calculus level or higher. Mathematics majors must possess a desire to discover the hidden patterns in life in order to understand the world around them.

Interesting Classes I Might Take

  • Calculus
  • Differential Equations
  • Linear Algebra
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Differential Geometry


Miss Sandra Draper

Dr. Ray Head

Dr. Matt Kellogg

What can I do with a major in Mathematics?

What are CCC Mathematics graduates doing now?