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Interdisciplinary Studies

With economies becoming increasingly global, more opportunities are available for those with degrees to expand into new markets, new research and development, and new teaching roles. The future calls for more cooperation and cross-knowledge. Consequently, new careers are being developed with broader, interdisciplinary understandings. Due to this shift of focus, interdisciplinary degrees will play an increasing role in tomorrow's world.

Why choose Interdisciplinary Studies at Clearwater Christian

  1. Broad educational base upon which a student builds a specific concentration of liberal arts, humanities, and biblical studies that support their precise career or ministry aspirations

  2. Solid liberal arts core with a minor in Bible, the College academic standard, and an additional concentration in two other disciplines that the student selects in consultation with a faculty advisor

  3. Interdisciplinary Studies allows for freedom within a prescribed course of study designed specifically for mastery of intellectual and educational disciplines not defined within the generic academic offerings

Pre-requisites and Admissions Requirements

In order to build a foundation for an advanced degree in a specialized field of study, students are required to complete at least 13 credit hours (25%) of the coursework at CCC in the chosen concentrations at the 300-400 level and hold a 3.0 grade point average by 45 hours. Transfer students must have a 3.0 GPA and complete at least 6 hours in the principal concentration and 3 hours in the second concentration at CCC.

Courses selected for the Interdisciplinary Studies degree may not be commensurately pursued for a second degree. Because of the nature of the Interdisciplinary Studies degree, students must choose concentrations from different departments with principal and secondary concentrations comprised of courses that are either required or electives in the chosen area.

Interesting Classes I Might Take

Bible (hours above the required minor), church ministries, accounting, business administration, information systems management, biology, education, music, communication arts, English, history, exercise and sport science, mathematics, psychology, and missions.


Dr. Jonathan Henry

Dr. Daniel Hurst

Dr. Phil Larsen

Dr. Dwight McEntire