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Have you ever wondered how our society got to be where we are today or what makes us who we are? A degree in history helps one to understand people from our past and how societies came about or changed. The study of history gives us our identity and moral understanding. It helps us to identify the values of our societies and a motivation to change those things that will bring glory to our Creator.

Why choose History at Clearwater Christian

  1. Studying history challenges the student to define their own set of personal morals and convictions by presenting successful world leaders, leading philosophers, and historical figures in the light of God's Word and the principles found in Scripture

  2. Historical inquiry with dual purpose of presenting facts and information and searching for meaningful interpretation of the past-to attempt to find patterns and establish meaning through rigorous study of history left by people of other times and places

  3. Analysis and interpretation of history that provides essential context for evaluating contemporary institutions, politics, and cultures through a Christian perspective

  4. Experienced faculty that hold advanced degrees within their field of study that are willing to work alongside the diligent student of history in order to properly mold their view of the past as it effects their present and future ministry and career plans

Admissions Requirements

While there are no additional requirements, those enrolling in the History major are expected to maintain a minimum of a C average in their History classes. History majors are also expected to possess a desire to dig deep into the events of the past to understand their relationship with the present and the future.

Interesting Classes I Might Take

  • Ancient Middle East: Creation - 476
  • History of Civil Rights
  • World War II: Pacific
  • Contemporary World History & Issues
  • History of U.S. Presidential Elections
  • Medieval Europe


Mr. Rick Bennett

Dr. Mary Clater

Mr. Frank Partridge

Dr. Lexie Wiggins

In addition to the faculty mentioned above, Dr. Ralph Hayes is also teaching a class included in the History major.

What can I do with a major in History?

What are CCC History graduates doing now?