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General Studies

If your interests are broad, your schedule so hectic that it is imperative that you have greater flexibility in your course selection, or any major is sufficient for your career or education goals, a degree in General Studies may be for you. Extensive foundational learning, control over your time, and the simple opportunity of attending college are the hallmarks of this major. Clearwater Christian College offers both the A.A. and B.S. degrees in this major.

Why choose General Studies at Clearwater Christian

  1. Strong liberal arts core curriculum that serves as strong foundation for continued studies whatever they may be

  2. Automatic Bible minor that strengthens knowledge and encourages faith

  3. Biblical worldview perspective which gives an extensive, balanced approach to all academic and vocational pursuits

  4. Compassionate academic counselor trained to help you meet your goals quickly and efficiently

Admissions Requirements

While there are no additional requirements, those enrolling in the General Studies major are expected to maintain a minimum of a C average. General Study majors are also expected to expand their general education in a variety of academic areas in order to establish a solid foundation for future study in a specific discipline or vocation.

Interesting Classes I Might Take

For the A.A. degree, students who major in General Studies basically complete the liberal arts core. For the B.S. degree, General Studies majors complete the liberal arts core and 64 additional credit hours in any courses they select. The only parameter is that half of these hours must be taken on the 300-400 level.


Dr. Jonathan Henry

Dr. Daniel Hurst

Dr. Phil Larsen

Dr. Dwight McEntire

What can I do with a major in General Studies?

What are CCC General Studies graduates doing now?