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Common Bible Core

The Common Bible Core includes the basic courses every Bible major graduating from Clearwater Christian College is expected to complete. This core provides appropriate foundational Bible instruction, Church History, and instruction on historical and contemporary missions. The coursework in this 36-hour core are given below.
    This course investigates the historical backgrounds, theology, themes, and literary strategies of Genesis-Deuteronomy with special emphasis on the Tabernacle, Jewish law, context, and typology.

  • BIB 321 OLD TESTAMENT NARRATIVE AND POETRY An exegetical study of the Old Testament poetical books of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon and poetry found in the prose sections of the Old Testament. Emphasis is placed on considerations of context, structure, composition and figures of speech found in Hebrew poetry.

  • BIB 322 PROPHETS This course examines the historical backgrounds, theology, themes, and literary strategies of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel, and the minor prophets.

  • BIB 323 GOSPELS This course is a harmonistic chronological study of the gospels emphasizing significant events in the earthly life and ministry of Jesus Christ from His incarnation to His ascension.

  • BIB 324 GENERAL LETTERS This course is a cultural and theological study of the background and message starting with the book of Hebrews through the last book-Revelation. This course will also explore major themes in each book and provide comment on key passages.

  • BIB 325 PAULINE LETTERS This course will focus on the background, major themes, and doctrines of Romans through Philemon. Special emphasis will be placed on salvation (justification, sanctification), law and grace, spiritual gifts, ecclesiastical issues, and Pauline eschatology.

  • BIB 493 BIBLE SEMINAR A capstone course designed to integrate and summarize the ideas and concepts presented in the courses leading to a B.A. or B.S. in Bible. The student researches and writes about topics geared to his or her interests and purposes.

  • CHU 302 HOMILETICS This course will introduce you to basis sermon preparation and delivery, with special emphasis on kinds, content, and sources of material for sermons. Attention will be given to the actual practice of the things presented in class.

  • MIS 201 INTRODUCTION TO MISSIONS This course will include the biblical basis of missions, a survey of its history, the call, life and work of the missionary, the role of the local church, as well as the present state of the worldwide mission task.

  • BUS 205 INTRO TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND OPPORTUNITY IDENTIFICATION This course will introduce students to the venture creation process, including identifying potential business opportunities, evaluating the commercial merits of a potential opportunity, and understanding the business planning process. The role and importance of innovation in the entrepreneurial process is also examined. Students will be required to identify a potential venture opportunity and develop a feasibility analysis for a new venture.

  • HIS 401-2, CHURCH HISTORY I & II First semester: the Christian church from its beginning to the Reformation. Second semester: the Reformation and Counter-Reformation, the reformers, the persecution, and developments of post-Reformation denominations and their effects on governments and culture.

  • All courses are 3 hours.


Mr. Anthony Abell

Dr. Philip Burggraff

Mr. Robert Carver

Dr. Dan Ebert

Dr. Tom Hamilton

Dr. John Klem

In addition to those shown above Mr. Mike Sprott is teaching classes included in the Bible major.

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