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The Bible major emphasis in a broad liberal arts education will enable you to live effectively and productively for Christ in various places and vocations. The major in Bible is designed to prepare you for various pursuits after graduation. For example, some who choose the B.A. in Bible might choose to pursue graduate school, seminary, or various ministries of teaching the Word. However if you desire ministry directly after college, you might select the B.S. in Bible as it provides the basic foundation in biblical education needed for various church vocations and cross-cultural ministries both at home and around the world.

Why choose Bible at Clearwater Christian?

  1. You can study the Bible in a liberal arts context which enables you to dialog with students pursuing non-vocational, ministry-related careers. The necessary understanding of the layperson's vocational struggles and ministry needs can begin in college. The liberal arts foundation provides a broader education stressing critical thinking skills and a broader context for life and ministry.

  2. You can study with spiritually sensitive and academically accomplished faculty who have demonstrated excellence in their specialized fields of instruction.

  3. Your faculty are committed to a high view of Scripture pointing students to the living Christ.

  4. You can create lifelong friendships with faculty mentors and passionate classmates

  5. The College is nondenominationally centered with commitment to serve the entire Body of Christ.

  6. Through the program you are continually encouraged to answer the question "What does it mean to live out the gospel and to serve Christ in our day?"

Admissions Requirements

While there are no additional admissions requirements, those enrolling in the Bible minor are expected to maintain a minimum of a C average in their major classes. Bible majors are expected to possess a desire to dig out the truths found in the Word of God in order to develop a closer Christian walk and to minister effectively to others.

Track Options

The basic Bible program is comprised of 120 hours of instruction and can be divided into four distinct components:
  1. Liberal arts core - providing distinctive biblical thought over the basic academic disciplines (44 hours)
  2. Bible minor - explaining and inculcating a Biblical Worldview perspective (18 hours)
  3. Common Bible core - an expansion of Bible minor core (36 hours),and
  4. Ministry track - an opportunity to choose 1 of 3 component tracks that give the graduate a functional expression for daily life and career ministry (12 hours).
Students pursing the Bible major must select and incorporate into their program the courses from at least one of these tracks. A description of each track and the courses associated with it are given below.

Biblical Languages

To prepare students for graduate studies by providing the required basic biblical language studies needed for research for most higher education and seminary programs.

Church Ministries

To prepare students for local church ministry directly from college through exposure to specific church ministries and administrative functions.


To prepares students for cross-cultural local and international ministry beginning directly after college.

Unique Opportunities

Bible majors enjoy opportunities to study abroad such as the 2008 trip to Greece and 2012 trip to Israel, to participate annually in research excursions to the Scriptorium at the Holy Land Experience, and to view missions firsthand through annual overseas trips. On-campus seminary recruitment days each fall provide regular opportunities to investigate future continued educational training beyond the undergraduate experience. Annual mission conferences provide insight and opportunity for global outreach.


Mr. Anthony Abell

Dr. Philip Burggraff

Mr. Robert Carver

Dr. Dan Ebert

Dr. Tom Hamilton

Dr. John Klem

In addition to those shown above Mr. Mike Sprott is teaching classes included in the Bible major.

What can I do with a major in Bible?

What are CCC Bible graduates doing now?