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Mr. Frank Partridge

Associate Professor of History

Degrees Earned

B.S. Clearwater Christian College, 1989, History Education
M.A. University of South Florida, 1995, United States History

Courses Taught

History of Civilization I & II
United States History I & II
Colonial Era
Early National Period
Civil War & Reconstruction
America in the Nuclear Age
Historical Biography
History of U.S. Presidential Elections
WWII: Pacific
Asian-American History
History Seminar

Teaching and Professional Experience

1996-Present  Clearwater Christian College

"I am thankful that I can teach history at Clearwater Christian College from a Biblical perspective. I believe any history taught from any other view is false. Is that a biased view? Yes!!! There is not one person who is unbiased and at CCC the Christian viewpoint is emphasized. Based on my reading of history, I have discovered that too much history, including Biblical history, especially in Christian circles, has been sanitized, Norman Rockwellized and Disneyfied. I look forward to sharing the truth with my students."

Interests: reading, collecting coins

Contact Information:
727-726-1153 ext. 297