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Dr. Daniel Alejandro

Professor of Exercise and Sport Science

Degrees Earned

B.A. University of Puerto Rico, 1972,
B.A. University of Puerto Rico, 1976,
Physical Education
M.S. Southern Connecticut State University, 1978,
Physical Education
Ed. M. Columbia University, 1980
Applied Physiology
M.A. Columbia University, 1983
Applied Physiology
Ed. D. Columbia University, 1989,
Applied Physiology

Courses Taught

Beginning Algebra
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Concepts of Lifetime Fitness
Directed Study in Science
Internship in Exercise and Sport Sciences
Physiology of Exercise
Senior Research
Your Health and the Environment

Teaching and Professional Experience

Administrative: 1997-2008 St. Petersburg College (Associate Provost), Hillsborough Community College (Dean of Faculty), Eckerd College (Campus Coordinator)

Academic/Faculty: 1984-1996 Montclair State University (Assistant Professor), San Francisco State University (Associate Professor), University of Nevada (Associate Professor), and presently: Clearwater Christian College (Associate Professor)

Publications, Awards, Memberships

1995 "Effects of Exercise of Moderate Intensity and Duration on Heart Rate, Rating of Perceived Exertion and Sweat Volume of Individuals in Hydrated and Non-hydrated States." Monograph Series of the Western College Physical Education Society Volume 5

1995 J. Shih, D. Alejandro, S. Sinclair, and M.H. Moeinzadeh. "Effects of Different Types of Treadmill and Speeds on Ground Reaction Force and Oxygen Consumption." Med Sci Sports & Exer Vol. 27 no. 5 Supplement pp S43, May 1995

William Sullivan, D. Alejandro, L. Heather, R. Jordan and B. Gutin. "Plasma Volume Changes in Trained and Untrained Men During Submaximal and Maximal Work." Sports Med Training and Rehab Vol. 4, pp 281-290

D. Alejandro, W. Sullivan, L. Heather, R. Jordan and A Dunaiff. "The Effects of Acute Exercise on Serum Estradiol and Testosterone Levels of Endurance Trained and Untrained Men during submaximal and Maximal Work." Sports Med Training and Rehabilitation. Volume 3 pp 223-224

B. Gutin, D. Alejandro, T. Duni, K. Segal, and G. Phillips. "Levels of Serum Sex Hormones and Risk Factors for Coronary Heart Disease in Exercise Trained Men." Am J Med 1985; 79; 79-83

B. A. Brehm, B. Gutin, and D. Alejandro. "Prescription of Exercise Intensity by Ventilatory Threshold and Percent Aerobic Capacity." Med Sci Sports & Exer. 1985; 17:2

Y. Palgi, B. Gutin, and D. Alejandro. "Physiologic and Anthropometric Factors Underlying Endurance Performance in Children." Int J Sports Med. 1984; 5:21-27

"The main reason I became a teacher is because, while on earth, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, was a teacher. I am passionate about exercise physiology because as an applied natural science, it has become an important source of additional knowledge to the other natural sciences. Since exercise physiology is so different from its resting counterpart, its research contributions to the advancement of knowledge have been so significant, that exercise physiology has become a well respected applied natural science (it was an exercise physiologist who found that rather than producing lactic acid, the human body produces lactate). This new paradigm has been a major contribution of exercise physiology that has led to changes in chemistry and biology textbooks."

Interests: running, cycling, reading, writing, and music

Contact Information:
727-726-1153 ext. 219