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Dr. Mary C. Draper

Academic Dean and Professor of Education

Degrees Earned

B.S. Tennessee Temple University, 1971, Elementary Education
M.S. Tennessee Temple University, 1991, Educ Admin & Supervision
Ph.D. University of South Florida, 1998, Curriculum and Instruction

Teaching and Professional Experience

2003-Present Clearwater Christian College
2001-2003 Spurgeon Baptist Bible College (Assoc. Prof. of Educ.; El. Ed. Chair)
1999-2000 Temple Heights Christian School (Administrator; Teacher)
1994-1999 Spurgeon Baptist Bible College (Asst./Assoc. Prof. of Educ.; El. Ed. Chair; Dean of Women; Academic Dean)
1992-1994 Hillsborough Baptist School (Administrator; Teacher)
1983-1992 Brandon Heights Christian School (Administrator; Teacher)
1977-1983 Good Shepherd Christian School (Teacher; Dean of Women/Supervisor)
1973-1982 Tampa Bay Children's Home (Co-Director; Houseparent)
1971-1973 Hamill Road Christian School, Hixon, TN (Teacher)


Draper, Mary (2011) "Incorporating Group Work into Your Teaching." Journal for Christian Educators. 18:1, pp. 6-11.
Various articles in Life@School Journal. FACCS.
"Reading and Writing Habits of Preservice Teachers" Reading Horizons 40: 3, 185-203. 2000. With Barksdale-Ladd, M.A.; Radencich, M.C.
"Multicultural self-selected readings by pre-service teachers" Research and Diversity: Institute on Black Life. USF, spring, 101-121. 1999. With Barksdale-Ladd, M.A.; Radencich, M.C.
A Study of the Reflective Practice of Preservice Teachers in Their Final Internship. A dissertation submitted to UMI in November, 1998.
"Prospective Teacher Authorship of Teaching Case Narratives." Inquiries in Literacy Theory and Practice. Pp. 405-415. 1997. With Oropallo, K. King J.; Radecich, M.; Barksdale- Ladd, M.

Professional Presentations

2/1997 EERA: "Exploring Professional Dilemmas as a model for the writing of case s stories in teacher education."
12/1997 NRC: "Using Case Studies to Model Self-Inquiry Processes in Literacy Courses" and "General and Multicultural Self-selected Reacing by preservice elementary and special education teachers."
12/1998 NRC: "Reading and Writing Habits of Preservice Teachers" and "Using Cases to address Multicultural Issues in Undergraduate Literacy Education Courses."
1/1998 QUIG: Conference on Qualitative Research in Education. "HyperRESEARCH: A tool for qualitative research."
2/2003 EERA: "A Study of the Reflective Practice of Preservice Teachers in their Final Internship."
10/2003 FACCS: "Incorporating Group Work into the Curriculum" and "Turning an Expository Lesson into a Discovery Lesson."
2/2004 EERA: "High Stakes Testing and Best Practices of Teachers: What really occurs in classrooms."
7/2004 Temple Heights Christian School: "Setting Goals for a New Year"
10/2005 GACCS: "Teaching Spelling" and "Teaching Using Inquiry"


FACCS Editorial Board for Life@School Journal
Eastern Education Research Association
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
NCTE National Council of Teachers of English
"It is my goal for each of my students to be able to teach language arts. I want them to thoroughly understand the language arts and develop the pedagogy to teach subject matter, skills, and strategies whether a textbook or curriculum is available or not. They should be in the continuum between novice and reflective practitioners, cognizant of the background knowledge and developmental stages of their students, promoting active learning and imbedding spiritual/Biblical principles in each lesson they teach."

Interests: reading, sewing, baking, research, trying to grow flowers

Contact Information:
727-726-1153 ext. 225