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Dr. Jonathan F. Henry

Professor of Natural Science
Chair, Division of Science
Chair, Department of Natural Science

Degrees Earned

B.S. University of Alabama, 1974,
M.S.Ch.E. University of Alabama, 1977,
Chemical Engineering
Ph.D. University of Kentucky, 1982,
Chemical Engineering

Courses Taught

General Chemistry I & II
Organic Chemistry I & II
General Physics I & II
Earth Science
Physical Science
History and Philosophy of Science
Origins Seminar

Teaching and Professional Experience

1995-Present Clearwater Christian College
1984-1995 University of Tennessee Chattanooga (Adjunct)
1981-1995 Tennessee Temple University (Chair, Dept. of Math & Sci)
1988-1989 Chattanooga State Community College
1980-1981 University of Kentucky (Chemical Engineering Dept)
1976-1978 Conoco Chemicals (Process Engineer)
1974 University of Alabama (Lab Instructor)

Selected Recent Peer Reviewed Publications

-Henry, J.F. 2003. Heliosiesmology: implications for the standard solar model. Creation Research Society Quarterly. 40(1):234-40,2003.
-Henry, J.F. 2003. An old age for the earth is the heart of evolution. Creation Research Society Quarterly. 40(3):164-173.
-Henry, J.F. 2003. The sun is not an average star. Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal. 17(3):35-42.
-Henry, J.F. 2004. The evolutionary basis for Eddington's solar modeling. Creation Research Society Quarterly. 40(4):244-256.
-Henry, J.F. 2006. The age of fate of Saturn's rings. Journal of Creation. 20(1):123- 127.
-Henry, J.F. 2006. A critique of progressive creationism in the writings of Hugh Ross. Creation Research Society Quarterly. 43(1):16-24.
-Henry, J.F. 2006. The elements of the universe point to creation: introduction to a critique of nucleosynthesis theory. Journal of Creation. 20(2):53-60.
-Henry, J.F. 2006. The moon's recession and age. Journal of Creation. 20(2):65-70.

"My goal for teaching at CCC is to see the students mature spiritually, academically, and intellectually/emotionally. It is extremely encouraging that most students who are at CCC for at least 3-4 years do in fact mature in these ways. They mature so much that it is sometimes hard to look back and remember what they were when they first arrived on campus. My teaching area (science) is one of the devices for aiding this progress to maturity, so that as graduates, they can make godly contributions to God's kingdom and to the culture they are engaged in."

Interests: stamp collecting, classical music, nature

Contact Information:
727-726-1153 ext. 237