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Clearwater Christian College students interested in a ROTC program with the Air Force, Army, Marines, or Navy may do so under an agreement with each military branch and the University of South Florida (USF) in Tampa. The curriculum includes 12-16 hours of classroom instruction, appropriate physical fitness activities, leadership labs, and field training experiences conducted by active duty officers over a two or four year period.
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Air Force ROTC Courses

Army ROTC Courses

Navy and Marine ROTC Courses

Next Steps for Interested ROTC Participants

  1. Contact the Dean of Enrollment Services for further information on ROTC and CCC.
  2. Research the offerings available to interested students through the ROTC detachments at USF by clicking on the links provided below.
  3. Schedule a visit to Clearwater Christian College and request a time to visit the detachments at USF.