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CLEP or the College-Level Examination Program® provides students of any age with the opportunity to demonstrate college-level achievement through a program of exams in undergraduate college courses. CLEP is a service that is available through the College Board. Go to for further information and registration.

The CCC Requirements for CLEP table below identifies the general and subject area tests offered by CLEP, the minimum score required by the College in order for credit to be awarded, and the specific course(s) in the college curriculum that will be satisfied through this means.

CLEP General Examinations

Examination Score Hours  CCC Equivalent
Humanities 56 3  HUM 200
Social Sciences & History 50/56 3 or 6  HIS 121/HIS 122
College Mathematics 54 3  MAT 145

CLEP Subject Examinations

Subject Score Hours  CCC Equivalent
College Composition* 50 3  ENG 101
*The College Composition Modular CLEP is not acceptable for credit.
American Literature 55 3  ENG 211
English Literature 55 3  ENG 221
American Government 65 3  POS 231
American History I 54 3  HIS 201
American History II 54 3  HIS 202
Western Civilization I 56 3  HIS 121
Western Civilization II 56 3  HIS 122
Intro Educational Psychology 52 3  EDU 272
Calculus 64 3  MAT 161
College Algebra 56 3  MAT 140
Biology 57 3  SCI 103
Chemistry 63 3  SCI 251
College French 52/54 3 or 6  LAN 209/LAN 210
College German 63/70 3 or 6  LAN 207/LAN 208
College Spanish 54/58 3 OR 6  LAN 205/LAN 206
Info Sys/Comp App. 60 3  CIS 100
Financial Accounting 53 3  ACC 201

Generally, the minimum scores reflect the “B” level score determined by the A.C.E. in a 2000 study.

The content of CLEP exams does not necessarily correspond to the content of the CCC course for which credit may be granted.
Freshman pastoral studies major, Allan, enjoys the mentorship that he receives at CCC. "My time at CCC has helped me grow as a witness of the Gospel. God, through His amazing grace, has taught me to speak to others about His love and salvation. Mr. Barton and Dr. Carver have helpfully spoken truth into my life throughout our discussions. I'm a Pastoral major and plan to possibly work with young adults or Missions in the future. I'm constantly encouraged to live for the glory of God and to love my Lord intimately. I chose this school for the purpose of my growth and I'm glad I made that decision. It's been an awesome experience to learn how to glorify God on and off campus. God's really using CCC to mold me into His image. It's been pretty awesome and I'm thankful for how the faculty looks out for us."

Why Consider CLEP?

By taking one or more CLEP exams in your strong subjects you will
  • be able to demonstrate a proficiency in a required area,
  • save time by earning college credit in areas you already know,
  • save money through securing credit through testing,
  • move rapidly to more advanced classes, and
  • be able to spread out your course load, graduate on time, or maybe even finish early.

CCC Policies for Awarding CLEP Credits

Each college develops their policies for awarding credit through examination. The key components of our policy are
  • Credit consideration is based on an examination of official CLEP results provided by the College Board.
  • The College accepts a maximum of 24 semester hours of credit through CLEP, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate program.
  • No CLEP credits will be awarded once the student has earned 60 hours toward their program of study.
  • Scores from CLEP General and Subject area tests in English and Freshman Composition must be received prior to the student's initial course registration.
  • The College will award college credit based on whether test results coordinate with course found in the College's curriculum.
  • CLEP credit awarded for transfer students will be based on CLEP score results and not credit posted on a college transcript.
  • Awarded credit is based on minimum score requirements set by the Registrar's office.