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Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement (AP) program is a college credit-through-examination program administered at your high school in conjunction with the College Board.
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The Advanced Placement table below identifies the test areas offered through AP, the minimum score required by the College in order for credit to be awarded, and the specific course(s) in the college curriculum that will be satisfied through this means.

Advanced Placement Scoring

Subject Score Hours  CCC Equivalent
English Language 3 or 4 3  ENG 101
5 6  ENG 101/ENG Elective
English Literature 3 or 4 3  ENG 221
5 6  ENG 221/ENG 222
French Language 3 or 4 3  LAN 209
5 6  LAN 209/LAN 210
Spanish Language 3 or 4 3  LAN 205
5 6  LAN 205/LAN 206
German Language 3 or 4 3  LAN 207
5 6  LAN 207/LAN 208
U.S. History 3 or 4 3  HIS 201
5 6  HIS 201/HIS 202
World History 3 or 4 3  HIS 121
5 6  HIS 121/HIS 122
Computer Science A 3-5 3  CIS 100
Computer Science AB 3 or 4 3  CIS 100
5 6  CIS 100/CIS 250
U.S. Government Policies 3 or 4 3  POS 231
5 6  POS 231/POS Elective
Government & Politics: Comparative 3 or 4 3  POS 231
5 6  POS 231/POS Elective
Chemistry 3 or 4 4  SCI 251
5 8  SCI 251/SCI 252
Biology 5 4  SCI 104
Physics B 3-5 4  SCI 201
Physics C 3 or 4 4  SCI 201
5 8  SCI 201/202
Psychology 4-5 3  PSY 110
Statistics 3-5 3  MAT 150
Calculus AB 5 3  MAT 161
Calculus BC 3-5 3  MAT 161
Music Theory 4 3  MUS 123/MUS 125
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Why Consider AP?

By taking one or more AP exams in your strong subjects you will
  • be able to demonstrate a proficiency in a required area,
  • save time by earning college credit in areas you already know,
  • save money by securing credit through testing,
  • move rapidly to more advanced classes, and
  • be able to spread out your course load, graduate on time, or maybe even finish early.

CCC Policies for Awarding AP Credits

Each college develops their policies for awarding credit-through-examination. The key components of our AP policy are
  • Credit consideration is based on an examination of official Advanced Placement results provided by the College Board. Score reports should be submitted to the College prior to initial course registration.
  • The College accepts a maximum of 24 semester hours of credit through CLEP, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate program.
  • The College will award college credit based on whether test results coordinate with course found in the College's curriculum.
  • AP credit awarded for transfer students will be based on AP score results and not credit posted on a college transcript.
  • Awarded credit is based on minimum score requirements set by the Registrar's office. Generally, AP scores of 3 or 4 will receive three semester hours of credit in the related subject area. A score of 5 will receive six semester hours in the related subject area.