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Transcript Requests

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high volume of transcript requests to be processed at this time and limited staff, there may be a delay in processing. In July, transcripts will be processed on Friday, July 3 and once a week thereafter on Thursdays, July 9, 16, 23, and 30. Requests for transcripts through the National Student Clearinghouse that are processed at CCC will end at 8:00 a.m. on July 30. After July 30 at 8 a.m., visit for further instructions on possible one-week waiting period and new link that will become available to request transcripts directly from Cedarville University, as they have agreed to house the digital and hard copy records from CCC.

Spring and Summer 2015 students should print an unofficial transcript from the Cougarweb for their use and check their e-mail to find out which colleges have made agreements to accommodate them with the major they are pursuing before requesting an official transcript. Summer 2015 students needing official transcripts after grades are posted can request the transcript before grades are posted on July 29 and indicate on the request that it should be processed after grades are posted.

Please indicate in the "Special Instructions" box on the online form if your transcript is needed as soon as possible. We will try to fullfill requests for those needing them soon for possible enrollment at another college or job opportunities BEFORE alumni only requesting them to have on hand for future use. Thank you for helping us in this way.

Requesting Official Transcripts Through July 2015

The Registrar recommends that you request the hard copy since the Electronic PDF mode is only used by a few colleges and it costs more. The receiving school has to agree to accept the Electronic PDF from the Clearinghouse. Many do not.

Ordering Transcripts

The National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) is the college vendor for requesting transcripts. Be prepared to provide credit card payment, address of recipient(s), and your email address, and to electronically sign a consent.


1. Required Obligations - What will cause a HOLD on a Transcript Request? 2. Processing Time in Office - See yellow highlighted notes above.

3. Pickup - CCC no longer has pickup of transcripts.

4. Express Mail - For an extra fee, this mode speeds up shipment in the mail system, but not in the office.

5. Electronic PDF - For an extra fee this is the fastest transmit mode of sending an official transcript, once it is processed in the office.
    Required: Make sure the recipient will receive Electronic PDF from NSC.

6. Unofficial Transcript - Transcripts become unofficial when opened by you as an Electronic PDF or as a mailed copy. There is no separate request for an
    unofficial transcript.

7. Enclosures with Transcript - You may upload other documents to send with a transcript provided it is in one of the following formats: PDF, DOC, DOCX, or JPG.

8. Spouse Information Update - May we update your spouse info? Please provide your spouse's full name, including maiden name, and any special instructions.

9. Tracking your Request - Emails are sent and optional text messages to indicate each step of the request.

10. Technical Problems - Contact the NSC Support Line at 703-742-4200, Select 1 and Select 3 for help.

Nursing Student or Graduate of the Christian International College (CIC)

If you have completed any coursework from CIC, there is a different template and paper that is used for it to be official.

Questions? Check Transcript Ordering Help