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Academic Calendar -
Graduate Program

All calendar dates are for the graduate school only. Undergraduate students must refer to the information on the website and the undergraduate catalog.

2015 Spring Term

January 12 Matriculation
January 20 Classes Begin
May 7 Classes End
May 9 Commencement

2015 Summer Term

May 11 Matriculation
June 1 Classes Begin
July 24 Classes End

The graduate school for 2015-2016 calendar year is now organized into two eight-week terms each semester. Students will register for both classes and matriculate one week before classes begin. Anyone in thesis or internship will take the course the full semester.

2015 Fall Term

August 17 Matriculation
August 24 Session I Begins
October 16 Session I Ends
October 19 Session II Begins
December 11 Session II Ends

2016 Spring Term

January 4 Matriculation
January 11 Session I Begins
March 4 Session I Ends
March 7 Session II Begins
March 20-25 Spring Break
May 5 Session II Ends
May 7 Graduation

2016 Summer Term

May 16 Internships Begin
June 6 Online Courses Begin
July 29 Term Ends

Through the college's masters program in educational leadership, the Lord has made a way for me to receive the training that I need to better serve the students at CCC-excellent training from a biblical perspective. The courses have provided me with the skills that are necessary for a leadership position in the area of education. Already, I have been able to apply what I have learned.