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Board of Directors

Clayton M. Custer

Daniel L. Leatherwood
Vice Chairman

Barbara R. Hunter

Board Members:

Beverly S. Cormican, Educator; Clayton Custer, Attorney; David J. Foreman, Businessman/Alumnus; Kathy S. Hildebrand, Homemaker; Barbara R. Hunter, Educator, retired; John F. Klem, President; Daniel L. Leatherwood, Businessman; David A. McNamara, Businessman; Paul D. Shefcyk, Businessman; Robert H. Stitzinger, Retired Businessman and Educator; R. Scott Tewes, Attorney;

National Advisory Board Members:

John C. Barch, Businessman, retired; S. Thomas Bates, Businessman; Charles A. Bonadies, Pastor; Nathan D. Buchanan, Businessman; James R. Clark, Jr., Businessman; Ken L. Davies, Pastor; Phil R. Gordon, Businessman; Billy M. Gotcher, Pastor; Andrew R. Haney, Pastor; William F. Sutton, Jr., Businessman, retired; Matthew A. Trill, Pastor;

Senior Administration

Dr. Jack Klem

Mr. Terry Wild
Senior Vice-President

Dr. Mary Draper
for Academic Affairs

Mr. Ryan Dupee
for Student Life

Former Presidents

Dr. Arthur Steele
(excluding 1981)

Dr. Gary Cohen

Dr. George Youstra

Dr. Richard Stratton

Faculty/Staff Directory

The main phone number of the college is (727)726-1153. After you hear the automated message begin, you may put in the desired extension. For Admissions related calls only, you may call 1-800-348-4463. Click on an underlined faculty or staff member to either view their web page (faculty only) or send an e-mail.

Faculty members can be e-mailed by clicking on their e-mail address found on their web page.
Faculty and staff e-mail addresses are not to be used for solicitation purposes.

Name Position Ext.
Abell, Mr. Anthony Associate Professor of Bible 234
Alejandro, Dr. Daniel Professor of Exercise and Sport Science 219
Anderson, Dr. Jan Professor of English 276
Andrews, Mr. Wesley Student Recruiter 291
Barton, Mr. Todd Dean of Students 290
Bates, Mr. Mark Assistant Director of Enrollment Services - Recruitment; Women's Soccer Coach 229
Baumann, Mr. Terry Chief of Security 216
Belk, Mr. Peter Instructor of Music 608
Bennett, Rick Instructor of Ancient History and Bible
Blakemore, Mr. Ryan Instructor of Music 605
Brickell, Mr. Keith Instructor of Business
Burggraff, Mr. Dennis Director of Food Services 641
Burggraff, Dr. Philip Assistant Professor of Bible and Biblical Languages 259
Cancel, Dr. Melissa Associate Professor of Speech Communication 296
Cannon, Mrs. Judy Confidential Assistant to the Vice President for Student Life 240
Cannon, Mr. Thomas Registrar 223
Carver, Mr. Robert Associate Professor of Greek and Bible 250
Casarow, Dr. Pattye Professor of Music; Chair, Department of Music 261
Casarow, Dr. Stephen Associate Professor of Business and Information Systems Management, Golf Coach 263
Clater, Dr. Mary Assistant Professor of History 607
Cundiff, Dr. Robert Professor of Communication
Darby, Miss Beth Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of Advising 253
Denny, Dr. Vickie Professor of Exercise and Sport Science; Chair, Department of Exercise & Sport Science; Women's Volleyball Coach 212
DeWitt, Dr. Kris Professor of Psychology 252
Dollenmayer, Mrs. Lisa Director of Guidance and Career Services 262
Draper, Dr. Mary Vice President for Academic Affairs; Professor of Education 225
Draper, Miss Sandra Associate Professor of Mathematics 612
Duncan, Dr. Ian Professor of Accounting and Business, Chair, Division of Business Studies 258
Dupee, Mr. Ryan Vice President for Student Life 240
Ebert, Dr. Daniel Professor of Bible
Edson, Mrs. Deborah Assistant for Academic Advising 220
Edson, Mr. Ronald Maintenance Staff 271
Falls, Dr. William Visiting Professor of Science
Foulks, Mrs. Marian Assistant Professor of Education 616
Garofalo, Mrs. Vanessa Director of the Library 248
Gault, Mr. Kevin Director of Information Technology and Network Administrator 615
Greeley, Mr. Samuel Men's Soccer Coach 213
Gumbert, Miss Colleen Admissions Counselor 228
Hamilton, Dr. Tom Instructor of Church Ministries 242
Haught, Mr. Steven Graphic Designer 267
Hayes, Dr. Ralph Professor of Education
Head, Dr. Ray Professor of Mathematics and Computer Information Systems, Chair, Department of Mathematics 251
Henry, Dr. Jonathan Professor of Natural Science; Chair, Division of Science 237
Hurst, Dr. Daniel Chair, Department of English; Chair, Division of Arts and Letters, Professor of English 613
Hurst, Dr. N. Luanne Associate Professor of English 613
Hurst, Miss Sharon Assistant to the Director of Auxiliary Services 206
Hyer, Mrs. Cindy Assistant Librarian 247
James, Mrs. Christy Chair of Graduate Studies; Assistant Professor of Education 257
Johnson, Mr. Brian Assistant to the Dean of Admissions 205
Johnson, Mr. Chris Instructor of German
Johnson, Mrs. Elaine Community Relations Coordinator 268
Johnson, Mrs. Jeanne Food Service Staff 209
Kellogg, Dr. Matt Professor of Education 277
King, Mr. Walt Associate Professor of ESOL, ESOL Coordinator 242
Klem, Dr. John President 202
Kuyatt, Mr. Brian Instructional Technologist 256
Larsen, Dr. Phil Professor of Education; Director of Field Experiences, Chair, Division of Education 601
Linebach, Dr. Jared Assistant Professor of Forensic Psychology 278
MacLeod, Mrs. Kelly Director of Custodial Services 233
McEntire, Dr. Dwight Professor of Accounting and Business
McHugh, Mrs. Joanne The Cove Manager 604
McNamara, Mr. Ryan Director of Financial Aid 214
Meadors, Miss Rachel Assistant to the Dean of Students 208
Mills, Mr. Bruce Instructor of Criminal Justice 242
Moll, Miss Melanie Professor of Communications
Mullholand, Mr. Daryl Associate Professor of Exercise and Sport Science; Athletic Trainer 285
Newell, Mrs. Michelle Assistant Professor of Microbiology
Partridge, Mr. Frank Associate Professor of History 297
Penix, Mrs. Rachel Resident Director - Women 614
Peters, Dr. Helene Associate Professor of Life Sciences 273
Puckett, Mr. Ben Dean of Institutional Advancement; Associate Professor of Education; Alumni Director 638
Puckett, Mrs. Karin Health Benefits Coordinator 637
Rebandt, Mr. Joshua Baseball Coach 266
Richter, Dr. David Professor of Psychology; Chair, Department of Psychology 260
Ritchie, Mr. Bill Assistant Professor of Spanish 242
Schmiel, Mr. Paul Director of Student Accounts and Auxiliary Services 204
Simpkins, Miss Karen Library-Services Specialist
Smith, Mrs. Lynn Executive Administrative Assistant 202
Squires, Mrs. Pat Administrative Assistant to the Senior Vice President 630
Squires, Mr. Roy Director of Campus Plant 210
Stewart, Miss Jessica General Ledger Accountant 241
Tanner, Miss Kimberly Assistant Professor of English 269
Touma, Mr. Michael Dean of Athletics; Instructor of Exercise and Sport Science; Men's Basketball Coach 213
Urban, Dr. William Instructor of Economics 242
Wareing, Mrs. Christy Communications Coordinator for Enrollment Services 220
Wareing, Mr. Daniel Director of Annual Fund 634
Wild, Mr. Lance Resident Director - Men 270
Wild, Mr. Terry Senior Vice President 630
Wilson, Mr. Anthony Dean of Admissions; Women's Basketball Coach 222
Yeater, Mr. Joel Assistant to the Director of Food Service 209
Youstra, Dr. George President Emeritus