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Core Values

In fulfillment of its mission, Clearwater Christian College provides an education that values scholarship, discipleship, and servant-leadership.


"Clearwater Christian College exists to provide an excellent liberal arts education centered on God's Word,..."

As truth-seekers, we are committed to:
  • Biblical worldview in education - A biblical philosophy of life and learning forming the basis of our approach to world, history, and culture
  • Thoroughness in education - An institution that communicates the value of education as a means of knowing God more fully and serving others more effectively
  • Academic excellence in education - Achieving academic excellence in the liberal arts by acknowledging that a holy and perfect Creator God expects quality as a reasonable service unto Him


"...with a focus on challenging students to love God wholly, to know Him intimately, and to serve Him fervently."

As Christ-followers, we are committed to:
  • Exemplifying that life is to be lived before a Holy God, for His glory and honor
  • Presenting the Christ of the Scriptures
  • Living and learning in a Christ-centered community
  • Choosing integrity over image
  • Preparing every person to serve Christ in the world
  • Striving to instill a personal responsibility for the Great Commission through opportunities for witness and discipleship


"...educating men and women to minister faithfully and humbly with evangelistic zeal as they impact eternity for Jesus Christ in every avenue of life."

As world-changers, we are committed to:
  • Discovering how God-given talents lead to lives of service and leadership
  • Fostering socially responsible, scripturally-based engagement in society
  • Preserving and promoting our theologically conservative heritage
  • A belief that, for Christians, leadership is not an option but a stewardship and responsibility, and that leaders with character can provide godly direction in the local church and society


Foundational to the first three core values is a mandate for responsible care and use of the people and resources at the College.

As care-takers, we are committed to:
  • A recognition that all financial, human and physical resources ultimately come from God.
  • An appreciation for the people of the College with the aim of achieving unity through diversity in our advancing of the College mission.
  • A priority to preserve, protect, and invest in the financial, human and physical resources with wisdom, integrity, and accountability.